Share Your Salvation Story Online for Free!

Many Christians would like to be more effective in sharing their salvation story. Many Christians today are also using social media, like Facebook. What if you could place your salvation story and the gospel on the web and also connect it to whatever social media you use? Wouldn’t that be great?

People could see your story, read or watch a gospel presentation and communicate back to you through email or Facebook messaging. It is easy, non confrontational, effective and fun. You can even know when someone is viewing your story and see how many have viewed your story.

Is this something you would like to do? If so, keep reading.

The MostImportantThing site is designed for this. You can use it even if you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. But if you have these, it is a lot more fun and interactive. Here’s what to do.

  1. Go to the page that has some great tips on how to write your story. Click here.
  2. If you need an example, you can look at my story. I begin by sharing my search for meaning. Click here.
  3. Fill out the form to submit your salvation story. Click here.
    • You can link your church or ministry website.
    • If you want others to connect with you through Facebook, be sure to follow the instructions for that feature. You can always contact us if you have questions. For questions click here.
    • You can also allow someone to connect with you through email. They will know know your email address unless you respond to them.
    • You can also submit a photo with your story. I highly recommend this. It makes your story more readable and memorable. If you are not that familiar to the person, the picture will help them remember you.
    • At the end of the form, make sure you click on the “submit your story” button.
    • IMPORTANT! Your story will not be live on the site until the MostImportantThing staff has approved it. So be patient a day or two.
  4. If you have a Facebook account, click on the Facebook icon at the top of the page and “like” the MostImportantThing Facebook page. This will allow new testimonies we promote to appear in the news feed of your Facebook account. To share these stories with your friends, just click the “share” option on the testimony when it appears in your news feed. That will then move it to your wall. You can even write a comment. It’s that simple!

If you would like to do even more to reach others with the good news of Jesus, then check this out below.

  1. Order MostImportantThing webcards to give away to people wherever you go. You can leave them with a tip at a restaurant. Give one to someone you have just met. Hand them to friends wherever you go. Give them to the cashiers at stores. Send one in a letter/card or a bill that is put in the mail. You can order 6 different kinds. To go to the page with these resources, click here.
  2. You can also send out free e-cards for your story and the to your friends through email. Check them out by clicking here.
  3. Order CROSS Evangelism Training materials (Leader DVD Guide and Participant Guide) and take the full course. The MostImportantThing site is just one of six ways you can learn to share your story and the gospel story of Christ. View the informational video. Click here. To order the materials, click here.
  4. Consider also learning how to more effectively take opportunities to share Christ in your daily life. RELAY: Sharing Your Faith Your Way is another excellent resource that will help in relaying your faith to others. To see the info video and testimonial videos, click here.

Any questions or comments, make them on the blog  or here and we’ll get back to you. Now lets get busy and do some sharing of our faith in Christ in a new and intentional way.


About Jimmy Kinnaird

Jimmy started his ministry on the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans leading a jazz band as a tool to witness for Christ. He has also been a church staff member, church planter, pastor, and Church Outreach Team Leader for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Recently, Jimmy served as Personal Evangelism Resource Coordinator on the Personal Evangelism Team at the North American Mission Board, SBC. He is currently pastor of Village Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
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