Relational Evangelism

I have been reading a very interesting book on the subject of relational evangelism. It was passed on to my by a man who is a great witness for Christ. The book was sent to him by another man who teaches evangelism at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The book contains several observations that I believe are worthy of relection for those who want to help others in their journey to God. The book is Irresistable Evangelism by Steve Sjorgren, Dave Ping, and Doug Pollock.

The flow of the book begins with an introduction to the evangelism qualifications of it’s authors. Sjorgren is known for his servanthood evangelism writings and activities. Ping was a city director of Youth for Christ and now exclusively equipps Christians for evangelism as Director of Equipping Ministries International. Pollock serves as the evangelism diretor for Athletes in Action. Each of these men have decades of experience.

The book is built on what comes next after you have handed someone a bottle of water or washed their car for free. How can we help them to turn and give their life to Christ? This book attempts to answer that question. These three men write what they have learned that works in making this kind of evangelism “irresistable.” 

In my next weblogs I will be discussing the concepts that are put forth in how to find a person’s spiritual address and the stages of evangelistic relationships in natural progression. This understands evangelism as a process. Hope you wil join me and I hope you will get the book.


About Jimmy Kinnaird

Jimmy started his ministry on the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans leading a jazz band as a tool to witness for Christ. He has also been a church staff member, church planter, pastor, and Church Outreach Team Leader for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Recently, Jimmy served as Personal Evangelism Resource Coordinator on the Personal Evangelism Team at the North American Mission Board, SBC. He is currently pastor of Village Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
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